Council of Agriculture to approve fish medication soon

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — While pet stores and aquariums in Taiwan are currently banned from selling medication for ornamental fish, the Council of Agriculture (COA) yesterday announced that with the help of animal epidemic prevention agencies, it is fighting to expedite the import of approved fish medication and make it available on the market.

The COA, Taiwan Aquarium Association and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have met and deliberated on necessary amendments and improvements to the Veterinary Drugs Control Act in order to approve the import of fish medication. They aim to make legal and available, FDA-approved fish medication, to relax and expand the regulations on the number of registered shops eligible to sell the product, and to classify the safer fish medications under Nonprescription Medications and Products in order to meet consumer needs. Once the necessary amendments are made, the legal sale of fish medication will be implemented, the COA said. The current ban on the sale of fish medication has angered and frustrated many fish owners, who complain that they could do nothing but watch their ornamental fish die one by one. The council held a press conference in response, advising the fish owners to consult a veterinarian if they observe any signs of fish illness. According to the Veterinary Drugs Control Act, in order to be sold on the market, pet medications must be produced from an FDA-approved pharmaceutical company and be registered and inspected. Even the medication for fish falls under such laws, the COA said. However, the council admitted that there are few available fish medications on the market. Until the regulations have been amended, the COA advised fish owners to visit the 21 available Animal Protection and Health Inspection Centers across the nation.