Ex-premier was in medical scare in China

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Former Executive Yuan Premier Tang Fei was on a trip to China in August when he and his family requested that he be flown back to Taiwan on an emergency flight to treat what was later diagnosed as a life-threatening lung infection and Legionnaires’ disease. Mainland Chinese officials are now requesting to view Tang’s medical records at the Dalian hospital in China to which the former premier had first been sent, which failed to diagnose the diseases. The Chinese authorities are investigating the medical gaffe and aim to punish any culpable staff.

Tang was on a trip in China over the summer when he suddenly fell ill. Although Chinese officials had wanted Tang to stay at the 301 Military Hospital, also known as the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital; the former premier’s family insisted that he be flown back to Taiwan for treatment. On Aug. 12, Tang was taken to Taipei’s Veterans General Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a lung infection causing acute respiratory distress syndrome and Legionnaires’ disease. After six weeks of treatment from a team of specialists, Tang was released from the hospital in stable condition.