1st Taiwanese-American NBA player makes debut


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Jeremy Lin, the first Taiwanese-American player to sign with a National Basketball Association (NBA) team, made his debut appearance with the Golden State Warriors Saturday (Taiwan time) in a preseason warmup game.

Lin, who signed with the Warriors in August, played for about 11 minutes in the fourth quarter of the game in Oakland, California against the visiting Los Angeles Clippers.

The 21-year-old point guard finished with 7 points, three rebounds and two assists in his team’s big win over the Clippers 127-87.

According to CBSSports.com reports, Lin “drew the largest cheers of the night” from more than 10,000 Warriors fans present.

U.S. sports columnist Andrew Bailey forecast recently that Lin will be a fan favorite in the new NBA season because he grew up in Northern California.

“Though he’s unproven, I believe he’ll be an adequate backup for (Stephen) Curry and will excite the crowd with every decent play he makes in Oakland,” Bailey wrote in a recent article posted on the Bleacher Report website.

Lin has already become a celebrity in Taiwan, a status cemented during a trip to Taipei in late July for a charity game featuring NBA players.

The July charity game was organized by Yao Ming, the first Chinese to play in the NBA and a seven-time NBA All-Star.