Residents complain about noise from Songshan Airport

The China Post news staff

Neighbors of the Taipei Songshan Airport yesterday complained to the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) about the unbearable noise pollution, which will only increase when the airport opens direct flights between Taiwan and Japan’s Haneda International Airport later this month. The residents in the area showed the EPA recordings of the airport that blasted noise of over 100 decibels. Although the government had promised to give out funds to help block out the noise, it has not provided full and speedy restitution years after the airport continues to disrupt its neighbors. Protestors hailed from Taipei City’s Zhongshan, Datong areas and surrounding neighborhoods, gathering at the EPA yesterday morning to voice their displeasure.

Over a decade ago, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) had promised to provide up to NT$150,000 in noise prevention measures for 100 households per year. The affected areas number up to 100,000 households, yet only 5,092 (32 percent) to date have received such compensations. Local officials have said that at this rate, the restitution will take another 30 years to make it to all households. The CAA also claimed every year that it would try to decrease the noise level of the airport, even going as far as to publicly claim that the airport produces sounds 80 decibels and lower.

However, local residents claim to hear over 100 decibels in noise daily, causing some of them to shout to each other in order to be heard. Residents also complained of suffering auditory complications and poor quality of sleep, causing weakened immune systems. The CAA responded by saying that the compensation is currently allotting to households according to the decibels of the noise level. 99 percent of households with noise levels of 69 decibels and above have been compensated, it added.