Autistic riders almost half done with trip around isle


KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan — Six autistic bike riders on a trip around Taiwan arrived in the southern city of Kaohsiung yesterday, four days after setting off from Taipei and braving the elements down the island’s western coast.

The riders, aged 13 to 30, are being accompanied by family members and volunteers on the third round-the-island cycling journey organized by the Autism Society Taiwan, R.O.C.

The group stopped briefly in Kaohsiung City before getting back on their bikes to head for Pingtung, Taiwan’s southernmost county.

“No one has complained about how difficult the trip has been despite the heat and rain,” said one of the parents accompanying the riders.

After biking to Pingtung County, the group will head to Taiwan’s eastern coast and then travel north. It expects to return to the capital city on Oct. 26 and complete the trip of over 1,200 kilometers in 11 days.