Magistrate promotes agriculture in India visit


NEW DELHI — Changhua Magistrate Cho Po-yuan met Friday with Shivraj Singh Chouhan, chief minister of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, and promoted the expertise of his county’s agricultural sector.

Cho shared his experiences during the meeting of how the Changhua County government increased the county’s agricultural production value. The meeting was also attended by Taiwan’s representative to India, Wenchyi Ong.

Cho later gave a speech at the Global Investors Summit being held in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Cho used both opportunities to promote Changhua’s agricultural sector, describing the county’s quality produce, skill in establishing and marketing brands, and developing links to business.

It was the first time Cho had carried out official exchanges with India in his role as county magistrate and Chouhan showed a high degree of interest in the discussion.

In addition, Minister Shri Kailash Vijayvarjiya of Madhya Pradesh’s Department of Commerce, Industry and Employment, is planning a visit to Changhua next year.

To encourage educational exchanges, company representatives from Changhua that traveled to India in a delegation led by Cho promised scholarships for the most gifted students from the Indian state to allow them to study at universities in the county.

The delegation arrived in New Delhi Oct. 21 and its members were scheduled to have several meetings their Indian counterparts with the aim of boosting cooperation between Changhua and India.