NASDAQ OMX says it has world’s fastest trading system


STOCKHOLM–Stock exchange company NASDAQ OMX said Monday it had launched the world’s fastest trading system, Genium INET, in its Nordic cash and fixed income derivatives markets. “With the Genium INET launch, we now extend the benefits of the world’s fastest trading technology to our Nordic derivatives markets, thus further contributing to a stronger Nordic financial market,” Hans-Ole Jochumsen, president of NASDAQ OMX Nordic, said in a statement. The system is “capable of delivering record-breaking performance,” the company said, pointing out that the average delay in seeing information was less than 100 microseconds. The system in addition is capable of delivering more than one million messages per second. “Based on our experience from our Nordic cash markets where INET was launched earlier this year, we expect increased interest in trading and improved market quality in Nordic derivatives products,” Jochumsen said.

NASDAQ OMX, which is the world’s largest exchange company, said that following the launch of the Genium INET system for the Nordic derivatives markets, it planned to roll out the platform “for our external customers ASX later this year and SGX in 2011.