Firms eye new airport business center

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — With the Songshan-Haneda flights kicking off on Oct. 30 at the newly renovated Taipei Songshan Airport, the nation’s businesses have reportedly lined up to bid on the airport’s new business aviation center, which will not be completed until next year.

According to local reports, TransAsia Airways, Mandarin Airlines, ZTE Corporation and UNI AIR from the airlines industry, along with WIN AIR, the company founded by Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou, are all interested in the business aviation center that comes with the new “capital-city business airport.” A vendor review will be held next month, with the bid set by December. By Chinese New Year, the vendor selection will be complete, according to the Taipei International Airport. Cheng Chien-chun of Taipei International Airport said that after construction on the Songshan Airport business aviation center is completed, there will be independent hangars, buildings and aircraft, with two floors with a total area of approximately 600 ping. The hangars are big enough to fit two to three Gulfstream G550 business jet aircrafts.

Cheng said currently there are maybe 30 business aircrafts that take off per month at the Songshan Airport. Next year, after the opening of Songshan Airport business center, some business flights originally routed to Taoyuan International Airport will be diverted to Songshan. He pointed out that the airport’s emphasis is on the privacy of business travelers and efficiency in customs processing. The Songshan Airport business aviation center will set up separate facilities for easy customs clearance, namely having flight personnel ready to check identification upon the landing and taking off of a business airliner so that business travelers do not have to wait in line with the general passengers. Chen said the Songshan Airport business center will be completed and opened by next year; if the bidding and construction goes smoothly, it could be finished within eight months.