Suzuki, Mitsubishi issue recalls for crossovers


WASHINGTON — nese automakers Suzuki and Mitsubishi issued separate recalls on Friday to repair problems involving crossover vehicles. Suzuki told the government it is recalling nearly 70,000 SX4 compact crossovers from the 2007-2010 model years to replace screws on the outside rearview mirrors that could become loose. Suzuki said the mirrors could become loose because of vibration and fall off the vehicle, which creates a safety risk. Suzuki spokesman Andrew Nicolai said the automaker issued a temporary stop sale on SX4s currently in dealer inventory for a few days, but it concluded Thursday once replacement screws arrived at dealerships. Suzuki said there have been no crashes or injuries reported. Separately, Mitsubishi is recalling more than 19,000 Endeavor crossover vehicles from the 2006-2008 model years to deal with air conditioning problems. It says the air flow could randomly change direction and the temperature could cycle between hot and cold. The problem could affect the defroster, which could lead to poor windshield visibility and a crash. Mitsubishi spokesman Dan Irvin said it investigated after receiving a few warranty claims about the issue.

Mitsubishi said the recall is expected to begin in December. Suzuki said it had not yet determined the timing of the recall.