3 arrested for allegedly tattooing man’s back

The China Post news staff

A total of three young suspects were arrested on Thursday in Taipei for allegedly tattooing foul language on a 19-year-old man’s back, according to a local media report yesterday. The 20-year-old main suspect, surnamed Liu, was a senior classmate of the victim, surnamed Lee, during Lee’s junior high school days. Lee had been the target of physical and verbal abuse from Liu for years, according to the Chinese-language United Daily News report yesterday. The two met again after four years at the Beitou area in Taipei City last month when Liu recognized Lee on the streets. Liu forced Lee to get into his car and took the victim to his home in Danshui, Taipei County where two other suspects were already there. Together, the suspects used an electric tattoo pen to tattoo expletives together with an image of a middle finger on Lee’s back by force, the report said. The three continued to bully Lee and imprisoned him for two days until he was finally released. Lee was too ashamed to tell anyone about the tattoos after his release and the police did not learn about the case until one of Lee’s friends told a police officer in the Beitou Police District that Lee needed some help. Police later found Liu and the two other suspects, and they all admitted that they had tattooed words on Lee’s back. However, they refuted the accusation that they had imprisoned Lee. It was done out of “fun” and all they wanted was to practice their tattoo technique on the victim’s back, the suspects said.

Lee was quoted in the report as saying that he only agreed to have them tattoo on his arms but they forced him to have expletives tattooed on his back as well. He was angry and nervous when he found these tattoos could not be washed away. He was also afraid that Liu and the other suspects might hurt him if he told anyone about the tattoos, so he kept quiet for more than half month. The report said a plastic surgeon had already expressed willingness to help remove the tattoos on Lee’s back for free, which usually costs around NT$ 300,000.