Fugitive from China captured in Taipei City after seven years

The China Post news staff

The National Immigration Agency (NIA) and local police yesterday captured a fugitive from the Fujian Province of mainland China who had fled to Taiwan after being charged with two deaths and had been working in the Wanhua District as a chef for the past seven years. The man, surnamed Huang, will be extradited to China today.

According to police reports, Huang was accused of robbing and killing two people in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. Chinese authorities discovered that the suspect had fled to Taiwan after viewing his entry and exit reports at customs. Taiwanese authorities were informed and a cross-strait effort was made to locate the fugitive. In 2002, Huang gained entry to Taiwan under the pretense of visiting relatives. Hiding under the protection of a human-smuggling syndicate, Huang was able to find work as a chef in Taipei City’s Wanhua District, working illegally for years.

In 2003, Huang met a woman 10 years his senior, surnamed Li, and moved in with her, fathering a child in 2004. The child prompted the woman to register for marriage, at which point she found out that her partner did not have proper identification and immigration documents. Working together, the NIA and Taipei City police found and arrested Huang at the restaurant. The fugitive admitted that he had planned to work and save money for two more years before returning to China.

Li visited the father of her six-year-old child at the police station yesterday and reportedly started bawling out of shock that the love of her life was wanted for homicide and would likely be executed if tried. According to the NIA, Huang is scheduled to fly out of Taoyuan International Airport this afternoon and arrive at Jiangsu Province, where Chinese authorities will be waiting for him.