Woman avoids trial for sale of unlucky apartment

The China Post news staff

The Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office yesterday decided not to indict a woman who was accused of selling an unlucky apartment to a man without telling him a suicide had occurred in the property, on the grounds that the suicide occurred on the outside balcony, and not inside.

The house in the case was located on Section 2 of Keelung Road, Taipei, and was sold by a woman, surnamed Chen, to a man, surnamed Lee, on April 30, 2004, soon after her boyfriend committed suicide by jumping from the fourth floor apartment’s balcony. Lee happened to learn of the suicidal case associated with the apartment when later trying to sell the property, leading him to accuse Chen of failing to disclose information about the property.

Based on the transaction agreement signed by Chen and Lee, there should have been no unnatural deaths seen “inside” the property before the time when the buyer obtained ownership of the apartment. Accordingly, prosecutors said that Chen didn’t violate the agreement because her boyfriend’s suicide didn’t occur “inside” the house, but rather on the balcony “outside” the house.

In addition, prosecutors also found that Chen did tell the sales staff of a realtor about the suicide, and said that she wanted to sell the house at the same price, NT$4.2 million, she paid for the apartment.

Prosecutors came to the conclusion that Chen didn’t cheat Lin when selling the house, and decided not to prosecute her.