Go-around of CAL plane standard procedure: CAA


TAIPEI — The handling of a go-around by a China Airlines (CAL) B-744 plane Wednesday at Taiwan’s main gateway was appropriate and in accordance with standard operating procedures, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) said yesterday. The plane, blocked as it came in to land by an EVA Airways (EVA) B-44 cargo plane that was still on the runway, was asked to make the go-around at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. “We took typical precautionary measures,” said Andy Chien, deputy director of the CAA’s Air Navigation and Weather Service.

Chien pointed out that while the minimum distance for planes to go around at the airport is designated at 0.7 nautical miles from the head of the runway, the control center asked the CAL plane to make a go-around when it was still two nautical miles out. According to local media, the “sudden go-around of the CAL plane terrified nearly 400 passengers.” Chien added that among 65,000 landings at the airport between January and October this year, only 92 planes had to make go-arounds.