Taoyuan Airport work to continue

The China Post news staff

Senior officials at the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) said yesterday they have reached a consensus with a Japanese architect to resolve a controversy concerning the design work for modification at Terminal One of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

They expect the contract with the architect will remain valid. The dispute arose from how to modify the huge structure without compromising safety. The architect has insisted on cut the beams at the building for his design with transparent glass walls while officials at the CAA under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications were concerned about possible safety threats once the beams are sawed. The officials were on the verge of dissolving the contract with the Japanese architect after he refused to respect the CAA’s major concern about safety. Leading structure engineers in Taiwan expressed same views and concern like the CAA’s and called for caution. After failing to get the architect’s promise to revise his designs, the CAA sent an ultimatum to him for possible scrapping of the contract. He eventually sent back a message yesterday afternoon agreeing not to saw off the beams of the building. But he presented a proposal for revised modification work without cutting off the beams at the gigantic structure. Receiving the response, officials from the CAA said they expect the contract with the architect to remain valid based on the new consensus. They said the work concerning the beams accounts for just a small proportion in the improvement to the terminal building, but safety remains a major concern. The ongoing modification work of the terminal building at the international airport in Taoyuan County requires a budget of NT$2 billion.

The work related to the new glass walls is set for completion in August next year and the interior decoration work will be finished by the end of 2011, they said.