Anti-tank landmine kills 14 in remote Cambodia


PHNOM PENH–Fourteen Cambodians have been killed by an anti-tank landmine left over from years of war that went off when they were travelling down a remote road, police said on Wednesday.

A baby girl and nine women were among the dead in the blast which hit their trailer being pulled by a tractor late on Tuesday in Battambang province, in the northwest, said district police chief Bith Sambo. “They have not used that road so often … this time they used a shortcut,” Bith Sambo said, adding that no one knew who had planted the mine. The toll was the worst from a mine in Cambodia in 10 years. Cambodia was embroiled in conflict from the late 1960s to the mid-1990s and all sides, including a Vietnamese army of occupation and various Cambodian factions, among them the notorious Khmer Rouge, laid mines.