Chen’s son leaves sex case to voters

The China Post news staff

Chen Chih-chung, son of former President Chen Shui-bian, said yesterday that he will no longer respond to any questions or comments related to his alleged patronizing of prostitutes. The Kaohsiung District Court dismissed earlier this week a libel case filed by the junior Chen against the Chinese-language Next magazine which reported that he had approached sex workers for their services. The court also came up with a conclusion that he had done what was reported in the publication. In a separate lawsuit filed by Chen against Legislator Chiu Yi, the Kaohsiung Prosecutors Office also drew up an assumption that he was the same person whom Chen claimed was a friend who had borrowed his car. Following a four-month probe, the prosecutors also said that Chen even used the mobile phone of his wife Huang Jui-ching to order the sex service. Based on the images recorded in the surveillance cameras, the prosecutors found that Chen walked out of his apartment toward his car in late night of July 2, the same time Chen’s alleged “friend” spent some time with a call girl. An investigating prosecutor was even able to track down the “mule” — the person responsible for transporting prostitutes to clients — who confessed that he had delivered a prostitute named “Nicole” to a motel for a meeting with Chen. Nicole revealed earlier that she was requested to provide sexual services to Chen. However, she has gone into hiding after the media reported on the case. Chen insisted yesterday that prosecutors lacked solid evidence to link him to cavorting with prostitutes. He also said that he will never respond to questions related to the alleged case. Chen is presently campaigning for a seat in the Kaohsiung City Council in the municipal elections set for Nov. 27 as an independent candidate.

He had vowed earlier that he would quit campaigning if he had ever patronized a sex worker. Without specifying if he has decided to pull out from the election, Chen said only that he will now leave the controversial case to the hands of “the god in the heaven and the voters in Kaohsiung.”