Poverty affecting children’s rights: survey

By Joseph Yeh ,The China Post

Taiwan children’s rights have seen a drop as more and more kids were found suffering from poverty and fewer children said they like to go to school, according to a survey released by the Child Welfare League Foundation yesterday, a day before the Universal Children Day.

“We have conducted a survey on this year’s children rights and compared the results with a similar report on 2008. We found that the poverty issue for many children in Taiwan is getting worse even though the economy has already seen a recovery,” said foundation executive director Alicia Wang yesterday in a press conference in Taipei. Also, on children’s education rights, more than half of children said they don’t like to go to school because they are afraid of the strong pressure on campus, said in the survey.

The survey also showed that less than 40 percent of children enjoy their life right now as they are feeling lonely and unhappy, Wang added.

Wang also noted that about 10 percent of children said they have to prepare their own meals instead of by their parents and another 10 percent said their parents did not take good care of them or accompany them as often so they should.

“The situation is especially serious in urban areas because parents in the cities are busier working so they have less time to spend with their children,” she said, adding that it will have major impact to parent-child relationship. Wang urged the parents to follow a “3-3-3” principle in order to strengthen the relationship with their children. A parent should hug their children at least 30 seconds a day, listen to them for at least three minutes and spend time with them no less than 30 minutes. Universal Children’s Day takes place on Nov. 20 annually. It was first proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954 to encourage all countries to promote the welfare and mutual exchange of the world’s children.