Gov’t to nurture talent in cultural, creative industries


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) Minister Emile Sheng said that the government will expand the scale of talent cultivation next year and continue to work with universities to nurture prosperous commercial enterprises in local cultural and creative industries.

“Bringing more up-and-coming talent into the sector and help them identify potential markets will be a key priority,” Sheng said at a press conference in Taipei.

The minister said that in the absence of more substantial support from local entrepreneurs, the CCA this year has either expanded or created seven innovation centers to help push for regional integration of the cultural and creative sectors.

After receiving grants from the council, these seven centers, five of which are located at local universities, work with corporations or studios engaged in the design and production of creative items, according to the CCA.

As of November this year, the seven centers had started cooperation with 70 companies or studios and generated a number of creative products, some of which emerged as best-sellers at the 2010 Taiwan International Cultural Creative Industry Expo.