Late deliveries require compensation: CF

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Consumers’ Foundation (CF) yesterday reminded consumers to take the initiative in scrapping purchase orders signed and demanding of return of double the down payment as compensation if suppliers fail to deliver the ordered products on the signed delivery date.

Su Jin-hsai, chairwoman of the CF, told a press conference that consumers should clearly check the delivery date for the products they order, and can seek compensation two times their down payment if suppliers fail to deliver on schedule. Consumers can also register letters of evidence to suppliers asking them to deliver within a specified period of time. Su made the remarks in response to an undesirable case offered by a consumer surnamed Wang at the press conference.

Wang said he signed an order and made a down payment of NT$1,000 for a Nikon D7000 camera from a distributor in Taipei for the photographic equipment show held earlier this year at the Taipei World Trade Center, but failed to get the ordered camera on the delivery date set by the distributor. Wang continued that the distributor attributed the delayed delivery to the fact that the local agent for the Nikon camera had difficulty supplying the device. But since Wang signed the buying contract with the distributor instead of the agent, he can ask only the distributor to deliver the camera or return the down payment to him.

On the same occasion, Teng Wei-chung, vice secretary general of the CF, said that similar unfavorable situations have arisen in the trading of other 3C (computers, communications and consumer goods) products.

Teng said that competent authorities should work out clear-cut regulations governing this type of transaction, lest suppliers run away with down payments from consumers.