Former judge pleads guilty to accepting bribes, seeks euthanasia from court

The China Post news staff

Lawyer Chiu Chuang-shun, who formerly served as a high court judge, pleaded guilty of charges alleging that he accepted and arranged bribe payment to former colleagues. He also asked the Taipei District Court to let him have a euthanasia to end his life. Chiu was summoned to a court hearing yesterday for a case involving Chang Bing-lung, another former high court judge, who was recently extradited back to Taiwan from hiding in China by the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB).

Chang was convicted for accepting bribe to exonerate a suspect in an earlier case. But he managed to escape to China for hiding.

Lawyer Chiu was indicted for playing a role in arranging bribe payment to Chang and other law enforcement officers. When he was questioned by the judge, Chiu said he was not interested in the court proceedings and had nothing to say. He also threw his plastic cup and water to a computer, asking the court for no more questioning concerning his part in the case. He told the court that he pleaded guilt for all charges concerning his part. Then he requested the court for an affidavit to sign and allow him to have a mercy killing. Chiu’s wife Duan Mei-yueh, who was also under trial for the same case, had to frequently take of glasses and wipe off tears. The lawyer of Chiu told the court that his client had the symptoms of epilepsy and Chiu’s behavior could have been caused by failure to take medications.

He said he will discuss with Chiu to work out details for defense at future court hearings. For the part of former judge Chang Bing-lung, he pleaded guilt for part of the charges. He insisted that he did not ask him wife to demand any money payment and it was that the client who asked for the return of the money and he did not accept any payoff. Chang was one of the about a dozen of allegedly corrupt judges and former judges arrested and indicted for alleged scams after prosecutors at the Special Investigation Division (SID) under the Supreme Prosecutors Office stepped up a house cleaning operations to flush out corrupt judges, prosecutors, and other members in the judicial community. He was sentenced to 11 years in imprison but was pronounced not guilty after paying off a panel of judges in 2003. In the hearing yesterday, only former judge Fang Ah-shen pledged guilty while other of his colleagues pleaded innocent.