Website to sell authentic Taiwanese goods in China

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan’s Neweb Technologies Co., Ltd. yesterday announced a new partnership with Fujian Ministry of Commerce to allow mainland Chinese Internet users to buy authentic Taiwanese products through a cross-strait shopping platform. In line with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) policy to promote cross-strait e-commerce, the Neweb Technologies Co.-owned website “” will be accessible to mainland Chinese users in Fujian in a joint investment.

Yeh Yun-lung, director-general of the Department of Commerce under the MOEA, with Fujian Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department Deputy Director-General Sun Xi-you, Neweb Technologies Co. President and General Manager Jerry Chan and Director of Fujian International Electronic Commerce Center Zhou Feng together signed the cooperation of the e-commerce platform.

Chan cited the Taiwan Internet population at 14 million, but said only 7 million people shopped and made payments online. Although there was a fast growth rate in online spending, Chan said most of the e-commerce and online shopping went to the huge websites such as Yahoo and Pchome.

It becomes very hard for smaller websites to operate, Chan said, mostly due to the fact that there are only 7 million people in the Taiwan market. Chan said that although the Internet is without borders, mainland Chinese users of Taiwanese shopping sites can only browse the pages without any means to pay or purchase. Small and medium sized companies have tried in the past to infiltrate this market, yet because many Taiwanese products do not have a high-level of brand awareness in China, they often get lost in the virtual sea of commodities, Chan added. With Neweb Technologies Co’s “Ezalipay” in a new cooperation with China’s largest third-party electronic payment service provider “Alipay,” the China payment provider’s 470 million members are now also to buy products from Ezalipay, Chan said.

The next step, according to Chan, is to encourage mainland Chinese Internet users to purchase quality Taiwanese products from the nation’s Websites, where 15,000 products already exist. Another approach is to set up a “Taiwan portal” on mainland China’s popular shopping sites.

The website cooperation is set to take off next year, Chan said, launching in Fujian Haixi to begin with, before gradually expanding more “Taiwan portals” on other sites.