Lien’s quick recovery is normal: doctor

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The condition of Kuomintang Honorary Chairman Lien Chan’s son, Sean Lien, continued improving after sustaining a severe gunshot wound to the face. Doctors said his swollen face is expected to return to normal beginning next week. Doctors at National Taiwan University Hospital, where Lien is being treated, said he remained in stable condition. They said Lien was “extremely lucky” and his quick recovery is normal since the bullet missed his major tissues. They said Lien was able to walk around slowly on his own and they removed the balloons inserted into his nostrils during operation. The doctors said they will maintain close monitoring of his condition. Lien was shot by a gunman in Yonghe when stumping for a KMT Xinbei City council candidate on the eve of the municipal elections,

Ting Yuan-chao, a spokesman for Lien Chan, said the family has asked the hospital to decide whether or not to make all medical records regarding family scion public. “The Liens have authorized the hospital to make the decision of whether to publish the X-ray records of Sean Lien’s gunshot wounds,” Ting said. He urged the media to stop “weaving stories” about the incident and “hurting the family for a second time.”

Prosecutors said there is no need to make public the X-ray photos concerning Lien’s wounds as suggested by some people. They said the decision was made after talking with doctors and officials at the Criminal Investigation Bureau. While police have been busy finding out the motives of Lin Cheng-wei, who was arrested at the scene of the shooting last Friday, rumors continued to spread that mobsters were behind the shooting, which also killed an innocent man attending the campaign rally. Commenting on the rumors and media reports, Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng said nothing would be more absurd than to say that the shooting of Lien was choreographed by gangsters.