Taiwanese mobile banking users to nearly triple: survey

The China Post news staff

Over 30 percent of the public is expected to use mobile banking services within one year, to almost triple from the current 11 percent, according to the nation’s first mobile banking online survey conducted by Citibank Taiwan Ltd., yesterday. The report, which surveyed consumers aged between 25 and 49 nationwide, looks into the present situation and future trend of mobile banking development. The survey shows that “security and reliability” are the most important features required in mobile banking. Non-traditional bank services, such as integrating and providing daily life information, including shopping, ticketing, entertainment and merchants with special offers, are the potential areas that mobile banking should focus on. The majority of mobile banking users are aged between 35 and 39. Over half of them are middle- and high-level executives, male, and have relatively better educational backgrounds and income, the survey found.

The report also predicted the number of grassroots users to increase. The most attractive features for the grassroots users are security, lower handling fees and the ability to check accounts anytime. In one year, user groups will expand to grassroots, with company employees, laborers and technicians accounting for more than 50 percent. In terms of consumer demands, “ensuring security and reliability when accessing bank accounts” is selected as the most important feature (54 percent), followed by “lower handling fees compared with conducting transactions at bank counters” (48 percent) and “allowing users to check the information they want anytime, anywhere” (41 percent).