22 pieces of memorabilia of Sun Yat-sen found fake

The China Post news staff

Many of what was regarded as treasured memorabilia relating to the nation’s founding father Sun Yat-sen have been revealed as fakes, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND) yesterday. Previously considered precious assets and treasures in the military inventory, 22 articles — mostly calligraphy — were confirmed by the MND to be imitations, including the renowned piece with characters that translate as, “aiming for the sky.” Experts in the Kuomintang (KMT) party looked at the pieces and were able to determine that they were replicas of the real thing. The ministry does not know where the genuine works are, only that they had a cache of fakes. The MND has removed all the replicas from its inventory. Aside from the calligraphy, well-known war paintings and clothing, medals, seals and weapons allegedly belonging to Chiang Kai-shek were also removed.

The historial relics were stored in the Air Force Academy. All 22 “masterpieces” relating to Sun were found to be fakes. However, whether or not the piece of Sun appointing Chiang as “generalissimo” is authentic requires further identification.