Awards serve as inspiration for cancer patients

By Joseph Yeh ,The China Post

A total number of 10 cancer fighters of all ages yesterday were given awards by Taiwan’s Formosa Cancer Foundation (FCF) to commemorate their courage in combating various deadly diseases and to serve as models for tens of thousands patients who are currently fighting with cancers. “All of these cancer fighters are like angels that have been sent down to the earth to inspire those who are currently fighting all kinds of disease,” said Legislative Yuan Speaker and FCF President Wang Jin-pyng yesterday in his opening remark during the ceremony.

These fighters for life also helped the foundation to promote anti-cancer efforts around the island and made tremendous contributions in introducing healthy lifestyles and eating habits to Taiwanese, he added.

One of the winners of the annual cancer fighter awards yesterday was 13-year-old Chen Hao-che who lost his right leg when he was only seven due to bone cancer.

Undefeated by the terrible disease and physical disability, Chen is now a swift swimmer and a musician of various instruments even though he had suffered a great deal after going through six surgeries and 18 chemotherapy treatments.

“I always say to myself that to become an extraordinary person I have to undergo extraordinary things,” said Chen, adding that he will never give up fighting cancer and hopefully one day he can become a medical doctor to help those in need.

Another winner is 48-year-old Chen Tung-sung, an advanced stage four patient of oral cancer, who is now turned into a full-time volunteer in oral hygiene promotion. Even though he lost part of his tongue and cheek because of surgical removals, Chen said he is optimistic about the future and he constantly encourages those patients who suffer cancer like him to be confident in combating the disease. Other cancer fighters that were awarded yesterday include 87-year-old Wang Ching-yao, who has been fighting with cancer for nearly four decades — since he was first diagnosed with stage four rectal cancer at age 50, and 12-year-old twin sisters Huang Ching-chen, Huang Yu-chen, among others.

The 10 winners were chosen from 100 cancer fighters nationwide. It was the fourth year for the FCF to hold such annual Cancer Fighter Awards.