Climate change performance ranking remains unchanged


BERLIN — Taiwan ranked 47th among 57 high-carbon dioxide emitting countries in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), placing at the bottom of the index’s “poor” performer category, a report released on Monday by GermanWatch and Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe showed. According to the report, Taiwan scored 50.2 points in the performance index, lagging behind India, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Japan but ahead of Malaysia and China. Among the Asia countries assessed, Taiwan was also ranked 47th in the index in 2009.

Despite the poor overall ranking, Taiwan rose two notches to 13th in the climate policy category, indicating the government’s measures to cut carbon dioxide emissions have worked to improve the environment, the report said. The climate policy category accounted for 20 percent of the overall index score. The emissions level category and emissions trend category account for 30 percent and 50 percent respectively of the overall index.

According to the report, Taiwan made improvements in road and air transportation emission reductions, but failed to lower emissions generated in the energy, manufacturing and construction sectors and by private residences.

The report also showed Taiwan needed to work harder to cut its carbon dioxide emissions per primary energy unit and lower its primary energy consumption.

The world’s two biggest carbon emitters, China and the United States, dropped a few notches compared to last year, with China ranking 56th and the U.S. 54th, the report said. They were placed in the “very poor” performer category. GermanWatch was founded in 1991 to promote global equity and the preservation of livelihoods, while CAN Europe is the European node of CAN International, a global coalition representing millions of citizens worldwide united in the fight against climate change.