Acer releases new tablet computer


Acer is pushing a new series of devices in the booming market for tablet computers. The company will have to compete with the current giant in the field, Apple’s iPad. The Taiwanese manufacturer is offering three new tablet PCs as well as the Iconica, a tablet-style computer with two screens. Tablet devices are notable for their user interfaces, which focus on touch displays operated with fingers. The first two of the new tablets are still lacking a name but are going to appear running Google’s Android mobile operating system and featuring 7 and 10.1-inch screens, respectively. A third device, also slated to come with a 10.1-inch display, will run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system. All three devices feature WiFi and 3G internet access and can reproduce films and photos in HD quality. The 10-inch Android tablet also supports 3D games, while the 7-inch unit can be connected to your home network via the DLNA standard to serve as a multimedia hub. Acer announced the Windows tablet for February 2011, while the Android devices will be available starting in April 2011. The Iconica is a novel device that looks somewhat like a laptop, but possesses two displays. Input is made using a virtual keyboard on the front display. Both screens can also be used as displays, such as for reading e-books or digital newspapers. The “all point multi-touch” function lets all 10 fingers be used for navigation. The backlit LCD displays measures 145 inches along the diagonal and offer 1366×768 pixel HD quality. The glass screen feature a special anti-scratch coating that also prevents fingerprints. The Iconica weighs in at 2.8 kilograms, placing it well outside the lightweight class, and features an Intel Core i5 processor with an integrated graphics card. The Iconica is expected in spring 2011.