7-year-old suffers severe ulcers from too much Coke, chocolate

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A seven-year-old girl in Hsinchu City, found with severe gastric ulcers Friday after subsisting largely on a diet of Coke and chocolate, is serving as a reminder to parents and children alike that candy and soft drinks have devastating effects on the human body.

On Dec. 10, the girl developed severe stomach pains and was throwing up blood clots and bile. Her parents rushed her to the hospital, where doctors performed a gastroscopy on the girl, discovering that she had severe gastric ulcers, rare for that young age. As it turns out, the girl drank at least one liter of Coke per day and ate chocolate with every meal. The large doses of caffeine in her diet, compounded with a genetic leaning towards stomach ulcers, caused her near life-threatening predicament. Doctors said the girl continued to throw up blood and bile at the hospital and continues to endure extreme pain in her upper abdomen. Thankfully, her life was saved with treatment, although she will need to change her diet completely for her stomach to heal. Using the extreme case of the young girl as a warning, doctors advised parents to forbid children from drinking more than 250cc of caffeinated drinks per day and to limit the amount of sweets consumed.