Positive sales outlook to push HTC stocks up

The China Post news staff

Positive HTC sales outlook seen by both foreign as well as domestic investors will likely push HTC’s stock to NT$1,000 per share in the near future, they said. Shares of smartphone maker HTC reached a 50-month high of NT$900 Monday and were ranked the best performing stock followed closely by second place performer Giga Solar Materials.

HTC share prices peaked at NT$913 before closing at NT$900, up NT$3 from the day before, making the Monday performance their first return to the NT$900 mark since September 2006. Shares of second place Giga Solar Materials closed at NT$858, down NT$15 from the NT$900 high set in recent days. Although December revenue was flat, higher than forecasted November returns is expected to set a record revenue high of NT$100 billion for HTC’s fourth quarter on sales from sold-out products like Android-based Desire HD and Desire Z worldwide.

It is believed the traditional strong February Chinese Lunar New Year is expected to extend the positive quarterly outlook into the first quarter next year as well.