MOI set to expand house rental subsidy project

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Ministry of Interior (MOI) yesterday announced to expand a house rental subsidy program to offer subsidies to another 45,000 households in Taiwan that couldn’t afford to buy a house. The newly-implemented program will give rental subsidy to all the applicants that meet the qualifications set by the MOI. In the previous versions of the program, only 83 percent of all applicants could be granted rental subsidy, according to the MOI.

More than 54,000 households in need had applied for the subsidy so far this year. The expansion scheme will allow another 45,000 households to be given the subsidy, said the ministry.

According to the MOI, the assistance project was first launched in 2007. Those who are granted with the subsidy will be given a maximum of NT$3600 rental subsidy per month per household for as long as a year. Interior Minister Chiang Yi-hua yesterday said the expansion was aimed to help even more underprivileged families. Aside from offering money subsidy to financially-challenged people, Chiang noted that the government is also planning to build affordable public rental housing units on state-owned plots of land that will be rented to economically disadvantaged people.