Trend Micro breaks world record in mousetraps


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Trend Micro Inc., a major global content security provider, has successfully released 865 mousetraps in a domino circle, a feat expected to set a new Guinness World Record.

The Tokyo-headquartered, Taiwanese founded multinational said Monday that it broke the previous record of 200 mousetraps and would submit its claim to the Guinness World Records organization for formal confirmation.

The mousetrap game, which was organized in northern Taiwan’s Hsinchu City this year, was part of the company’s annual engineering camp aimed at further enhancing the team spirit of its engineers from around the world.

“Every year, we want to use the camp, in which people get training and have fun, to have our engineers temporarily stay away from computers and learn more important soft skills,” said Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen.

“We encourage our employees to think how to achieve the best possible result through teamwork (through games like this),” Trend Micro’s chief culture officer Jenny Chang added.