Uni-President Lions silent on alleged trade for hitter


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The manager of the Uni-President Lions, one of the four clubs in Taiwan’s Professional Baseball League (CPBL), said yesterday that he had no idea about news reports that Chang Tai-shan, one of the country’s best hitters, will be traded against his will.

Chen Cheng-nan said he had no clues about the reports that Chang, currently with the Sinon Bulls — another CPBL club — will be traded from the Taichung-based Sinon Bulls to the Tainan-based Uni-President Lions at a release amount of between NT$2 million (US$66,666) and NT$3 million.

According to the reports, the Sinon Bulls management hopes Chang, 34, will become a coach for the 2011 season and on, while Chang, Taiwan’s top homerun scorer, thinks he is still able to be a player.

Dismissing the reports, Chen said the Uni-President Lions have also not been notified officially by the Sinon Bulls about Chang’s possible trade.

Chang, with 241 homeruns, high RBIs of 1,030 and 1,622 hits in his 15-year career as a professional baseballer — all records which have never been broken in Taiwan’s professional baseball history — first joined the now defunct Weichuan Dragons in 1996 at the age of 19 and transferred to the Sinon Bulls in 1999.