Sons learn father murdered mother: report

The China Post news staff

The distraught sons of the octogenarian who allegedly killed his wife out of mercy Sunday have been notified of their father’s misdeed and are returning from the U.S. to Taiwan within the week to take care of the situation, according to local media yesterday. The church pastor of Wang Ching-hsi, the elderly suspect, contacted his two sons over the phone. Both of them were silent from shock for a long time, before they broke down in tears, the pastor Yuan Tai-ching reportedly told the Taipei City police.

The Taipei District Prosecutors Office detained Wang on Sunday for the death of his wife. Wang allegedly killed her by first giving her sleeping pills, then stabbing a screwdriver through her head and hammering it in like a nail. From his confession to Taipei City police, Wang claimed he wanted to end his wife’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease and two broken legs, causing her to be bedridden. The senior citizen had expressed, in previous blog posts online, his loneliness and lack of help when it came to caring for his wife. “My sons, daughters-in-law and their children are all in the U.S.,” Wang wrote, adding that they had green cards but no citizenship. He detailed the isolation that resulted from the situation, writing, “Everyone wants to go to America, become an American; what’s so great about that? I personally don’t know what the point is … what I do know is if all your children are there, it’s not that great for the old folks.” Police investigations showed that Wang’s sons had flown back to Taiwan when his wife first broke her legs this fall. They found a Taiwanese caretaker, who quit after a short period of time. Wang himself found a mainland Chinese caretaker through social services, although the woman also quit in early December, leaving the elderly man to care for his wife himself. Wang surrendered himself by calling Taipei City police after committing the crime. He called Yuan shortly afterward, asking him to come to his house and pray over his wife’s body. Yuan reportedly arrived and instead of rebuking the senior for his crime, told him to take care of himself and led him in prayer next to his wife’s body. Police arrived to find Wang on his knees in prayer with his face awash in tears.

Court doctors said the screwdriver was so deeply embedded into the deceased woman’s head that they were unable to dislodge it. An autopsy will be carried out on Jan. 6.