Woman given life sentence for patricide

The China post news staff

The Taiwan High Court upheld yesterday the life sentence for a middle-aged woman in Taipei for killing her father who had refused to comply with her demands for money. The 47-year-old woman surnamed Tien, had a heated argument with her father after he rejected her request for money on June 18 last year. She used three fruit knives to stab her father in the chest and the back more than 20 times. The father, who was alone at home when the incident took place, died after being taken to hospital. Tien had prior records for theft and illegal drug use. Unemployed, Tien frequently asked for money from her 72-year-old father and younger brother’s girlfriend. She was initially sentenced to life imprisonment by the district court for committing patricide, a cardinal sin in Taiwan and other societies.

Tien filed an appeal with the high court which upheld the sentence of the district court. She can still take her case to the Supreme Court for a final ruling.