EasyCard service extends to Hsinchu Railway Station

The China Post News Staff

Starting today, railway passengers using EasyCards can travel up to Juifang and down to Hsinchu, said the EasyCard Corporation. The number of stations in service will increase from 19 to 28. The EasyCard was put into use in the railway section between Keelung and Chungli on Aug. 1, 2008. The daily volume of card users in this section is now more than 120,000, well over 70 percent of total passengers, explained the corporation.

The corporation also said that the EasyCard users can take any trains that are available besides those designated for particular tourist routes and groups, and the Taroko Express, and they always have ticket discounts. For example, the normal price for the Tzuchiang Express from Chilung to Hsinchu is NT$243. A card user only pays NT$142, after 10 percent off from NT$157, the base price for EasyCard users. That makes the end price NT$101 less.

In addition, Taiwan Railways will put the Shalun extension line into operation, which ends at Tainan Station of the High Speed Rail. This line will offer free service from Jan. 1 to Jan. 15 (only group reservations are allowed on Jan. 1). Starting Jan. 16, EasyCard will join the ticket system, said the officer. The EasyCard Corporation expressed that its cooperation with Taiwan Railways is to provide an easier, faster and more convenient travel experience to EasyCard users.