Soong respects King’s action on defamation

The China Post news staff

Chairman James Soong of the People First Party said yesterday that he respected the decision made by Secretary General King Pu-tsung of the Kuomintang (KMT) to file a defamation suit against him for some remarks he made during an interview with ERA TV in October 2010.

In the interview, Soong said that results of the public polls made by the KMT during the presidential races in 2000 and 2004 were far away from the reality, and blasted King for working out fake public opinion results. In response, King recently consigned Lawyer Lai Su-ju to sue Soong for damaging his reputation. But King also noted that he can withdraw the suit if Soong is willing to make an apology to him.

When asked by reporters to comment on King’s practice after attending the flag-raising ceremony in Hualien County, Soong said he felt quite sorry for the news on the first day of the 100th founding anniversary of the Republic of China. Soong said if Chairman Ma Ying-jeou and King of the ruling KMT want to use such an action to “welcome” the democracy of the ROC, he should say to Ma that “I’m quite disappointed in you, and you have also disappointed all the nationals in Taiwan.” Soong also called for supporters of the pan-blue camp headed by KMT and comprising PFP and the New Party to understand that he is being “forced” to fight with Ma and King at the court instead of taking the initiative to do so.