Land change in northeast coast little help to locals

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taiwan Northeast Coast Concord Coalition yesterday said the “Northeast Coast National Scenic Area Special Zone” proposed by the Ministry of the Interior would only benefit big businesses and do little help to the local people.

According to the proposal, the local residents are restricted to construct any buildings on their own lands; however, four pieces of land which are corporate owned can be developed. The big companies are expected to earn huge profits from this new proposal.   Spokesperson for the Taiwan Northeast Concord Coalition, Wu Chun-rong, said the proposal is being reviewed for the third time, but only large businesses have passed the review. Wu complained only big businesses will get the better end of the stick. Wu also mentioned that because of the building regulations, the land acquisition price of their lands are less than NT$200 per square meter but the big companies can sell their lands for a much better price under the proposal.

Yen Shih-hsiung, a New Taipei City councilor, said the proposal has already passed a comprehensive review twice, but he hopes the government can respect local residents’ opinions. He said the Gungliao district has been restricted from land development since 1979. Tien Chiu-ching, legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that the government should try to let local residents participate in the program and respect their will.