Woman gets 15 days detention for late books

The China Post news staff

A 21-year-old woman was given a sentence of 15 days detention for two overdue novels she rented from a comic rental bookstore in Taipei City.

The Taipei District Court gave the woman, surnamed Wang, the option of 15 days detention or paying a fine instead. However, since Wang later settled out of court with the bookstore owner for NT$ 40,000 for the two overdue books, the court decided to sentence Wang to two years probation instead. According to the court, Wang rented two romance novels from a comic rental bookstore in the city’s Songshang District in January, 2010. However, she repeatedly ignored the overdue notices and phone calls made by the bookstore owner for months. The bookstore owner could do nothing but file a lawsuit against Wang, the court said. The two books Wang rented were priced at around NT$380 in total, according to the court.