Premier calls for clarity in Lien shooting probe

The China Post news staff

Premier Wu Den-yih yesterday said investigators had to dispel the people’s doubts about their probe into last November’s election-eve shooting, as New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu confirmed some police officials were relocated due to the incident. Their remarks reflected general distrust in the conclusion prosecutors reached Friday that said Sean Lien, son of former Vice President Lien Chan, was shot and injured because of a mistake by the alleged gunman, Lin Cheng-wei. Wu said his administration is not in a position to interfere with or comment on the investigation. But the prosecutors have the obligation to explain the probe to the nation to clarify any unnecessary misunderstanding, the premier said. Not all may be convinced, but the investigators must address the people’s doubts, he said. Mayor Chu said police or prosecutors must pay attention to “society’s views” when handling cases.

Shortly after prosecutors released their conclusion, the New Taipei City Police Department announced a personnel change of key officials at its Yungho branch — which oversees the district where the shooting occurred.

Chu confirmed that the changes were made because of the Lien case.

According to the new appointments, the chiefs of the Yungho and Shulin police stations exchanged positions. The leader of Yungho’s detective department, Chang Chia-ming, was reassigned to head a unit in charge of household inspection in Hsichi. Chang responded to the relocation by saying that his team had done its best in the Lien probe. Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin also questioned the prosecutors’ findings, which said Chen Hung-yuan, the deputy speaker of the New Taipei City Council, was the actual target of the assault. The prosecutors wrapped up their investigation without clarifying many dubious points, such as the motivation, Hau said.