Taiwan’s larger temperature range set to continue: CWB


TAIPEI–Taiwan has experienced a bigger range of temperatures in recent years and this trend is expected to continue due to the influence of global warming, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said yesterday.

According to the CWB’s latest statistics, the Danshui Weather Station in northern Taiwan recorded a difference in temperature of 32.7 degrees Celsius last year, compared to 31.9 degrees in 2009 and 29 degrees in 2008, respectively.

The station said the highest temperature for last year of 37.3 degrees was recorded on Aug. 4, while the lowest of 4.6 degrees occurred on March 10.

“Extreme weather events are happening worldwide as the global warming situation continues, and Taiwan is no exception,” said Chia Hsin-hsing, a CWB section chief.

Chia pointed out that the two criteria that define extreme weather — a huge range of temperature and rainfall— are becoming noticeable in Taiwan.

The government is aware of the problem.

In the 2010 U.S.-Taiwan Clean Energy Forum and Exhibition last December, President Ma Ying-jeou said Taiwan’s average temperature in the lower elevations of the island climbed 1.2 degrees over the last century, compared to the global average of a 0.74 degree-rise.

In response, Ma said the government has put forward the concept of “saving the country through environmental protection” and introduced four carbon reduction laws to prevent Taiwan from further climate impacts.