Chinese philanthropist donates NT$30 mil. more

The China Post news staff

Well-known Chinese industrialist and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao continued making generous donations totaling more than NT$30 million in Taiwan yesterday despite mixed responses to his high-profile style of giving and sharing.

Chen and his fellow business and industry leaders donated funds in both northern Taoyuan County and eastern Hualien County. At a ceremony at Taoyuan County Hall earlier in the day, Chen and his entourage made a cash donation of NT$10 million.

The funds will be distributed before the Chinese Lunar New Year season to 5,000 low-income households, children under the age of six in disadvantaged families, female victims of domestic violence, and new immigrant families in the county, according to Taoyuan County Deputy Magistrate Lee Chao-chih.

An unnamed local Taiwanese entrepreneur also made a big donation of NT$500,000 to the Taoyuan County Bureau of Social Affairs at the ceremony.

Chen’s way of giving away “red envelopes” containing cash to people in need has earned both public praises and criticisms,

But Chen, who has long been well known in China for his flamboyant acts of charity, said acceding to the suggestion of keeping a low profile on the trip to Taiwan was like “swallowing a bitter pill in silence.”

Chen confirmed that he has received a copy of Buddhism scripture — “Diamond Sutra” — from Master Hsing Yun, founder of the Foguanshan (Buddha Light Mountain) organization. He said he will make a thorough study of the book during the New Year holiday season and then write a report.

The suggestion of studying the Diamond Sutra came after many in Taiwan stressed their view that all charities should be carried out with substantive actions without emphasizing superficial appearance or fame for the good deeds. county’s social welfare system, Tsao said.