Temperatures warming; great disparity between day and night: CWB

The China Post news staff

The weather has been warming up nationwide for the Chinese New Year, with each day more pleasant than the one before, although the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) cautioned the public to take heed of the great disparity in day-to-nighttime temperatures. Temperatures yesterday rose significantly across the island, with the northeastern regions seeing a high of 20 degrees Celsius, the mid-eastern areas at 23 degrees and the south between 24 and 25 degrees Celsius. The weather bureau said the upcoming days will only get increasingly warmer; from Feb. 6-7 especially, the northern region has a chance of hitting 25 degrees Celsius, with the southern areas as high as 27 degrees.

By nighttime, temperatures may drop to as low as 15 degrees Celsius, creating a great disparity between day and nighttime temperatures. The bureau warned that starting from Feb. 4, atmospheric water vapor will increase, with weather conditions in the Kinmen area being less predictable.