Job opportunities outweigh seekers: online job bank

The China Post news staff

With an economic growth rate of 4.51 percent projected for 2011, a phenomenon of job opportunities outnumbering job seekers has emerged in Taiwan and with it, the highest rate of people switching careers.

According to local job search websites, the majority of vacant positions were found in the retail, computer manufacturing, semiconductor, catering, software and Internet-related industries.

According to numbers compiled by online job bank Yes123, 2011 so far boasts the highest number of work opportunities compared to the past four years. The increased opportunities have bred self-assured prospective employees, which could result in a record number of people switching fields and career paths after the Chinese New Year break is over. 104 Job Bank predicted that the day after the holiday is over, there will be a rare vacuum in the workplace, with the exodus of talent creating an increase in competition between many companies.

According to the job bank’s statistics, job opportunities and vacant positions are twice the number of the same time last year, with the service sector, department store retailers and manufacturing exhibiting the greatest need for manpower. At present, there are roughly 3.6 million positions available online, a 46 percent growth with a record number of opportunities compared with the past six years.

The most need fell into the retail, computer manufacturing, semiconductors, catering, software and Internet-related industries. In the semiconductors sector, industry behemoths Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. had over a thousand available positions last year and is said to be in need of another 6,500 workers this year. With the incoming competition for talent, businesses may be tempted to lure workers with high salaries. An internet job bank representative warned companies to be careful that such practices do not slight existing workers, especially considering the fact that the newly hired person may decide to leave on a whim due to the plethora of other options.