Examination Yuan president wants public sector pay raises

The China Post news staff

Examination Yuan President Kuan Chung was hopeful during his organization’s New Year’s gathering yesterday that the Year of the Rabbit would bring with it a moderate increase in pay for public servants, but was also quick to point out that the decision rested on the Executive Yuan and was not his to make. Kuan made the remark in response to questions posed by the media regarding his position on the pay hike in the new year. “As far as the Examination Yuan is concerned, the answer is yes, we’d like to see a raise,” because, Kuan elaborated, “only two raises in the past ten years have been given to public employees, with the last one being six years ago.”

“Pay rates for entry level public employees are indeed relatively better than that of the private sector, but the correlation is reversed as the worker’s experience level goes up — the higher the level, the lower the pay when compared to private employees of the same credentials.” With economic growth over 10 percent last year and the average pay in the private sector up over 5 percent, “a moderate adjustment in pay rate ought to be reasonable this year,” said Kuan, “plus, the raise will help to stimulate further economic growth.” Kuan also pointed out that, at the same time, his organization also proposed a revised civil service performance evaluation act, which was submitted to the Legislative Yuan for review last April, to ensure the pay raise was not intended as a wildcard bonus for public servants and that the intended recipients would have to work harder to deserve the hike. “Pay raises and performance assessments go hand in hand. They are two sides of the same coin,” Kuan emphasized.