New youth official vows to be a communicator


TAIPEI–Professor Jack Yun-jie Lee assumed office as head of the National Youth Commission yesterday and promised to play the role of a communicator to learn more about how Taiwan’s young people think.

Lee, a professor at National Open University, took over the post from predecessor Wang Yu-ting at a ceremony witnessed by Minister Without Portfolio Ovid Tseng.

Lee said his main tasks will be to take care of underprivileged youth, help young people find jobs, build up a social network, and provide information on employment, studying and leisure activities.

Wanting to play the role of a listener and communicator, Lee said he intended to travel around Taiwan to talk to students at local colleges and universities.

Even though the commission will be folded into the Ministry of Education in about a year as part of the government’s efforts to streamline government agencies, Lee vowed to do his best during that time to make the commission even better.