CIB arrests ‘Monga’-imitating Taipei gang

The China Post news staff

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) yesterday arrested a local gang of 14, who were found imitating the violent practices of the Taiwanese gangster movie “Monga,” calling themselves the “Gang of Princes.”

Under the orders of leader Peng Yong-gen, the gang recruited middle and high school dropouts, calling up their parents to extort ransom for “housing” the youths.

Their audacious behavior didn’t stop there; when a high school member went to the police for help, Peng reportedly showed up at the station with the gang to “reclaim” his member. According to CIB reports, the gang, which included both male and female members, lived together under sexually charged circumstances. When one female middle school member tried to flee this arrangement, the “Gang of Princes” caught her in a local park, made her strip, and took turns beating her. Police first caught wind of a wannabe-gang imitating the 2010 movie from a card from Peng’s girlfriend, who wrote, “You will forever be the ‘Gang of Princes’” on a picture of the members. Investigation revealed that the gang had been recruiting around the middle and high schools in the Taipei Xinyi and Nanggang districts. After the members were successfully taken in, gang leaders called up their parents, extorting upwards of NT$15,000 for providing “housing” for the runaway students. As of press time, the CIB had arrested 14 members, who are being held under questioning. Charges of physical violence, kidnapping and threatening behavior are pending.