US cooperation continues despite spy case

By Joseph Yeh,The China Post

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry yesterday refused to comment on the detention of army general Lo Hsien-che who was arrested earlier this week on charges of spying for China, saying that the case was currently being investigated by the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

However, the ministry also noted that the arrest of Lo would not impact the Taiwan-United States cooperation on military and other fronts. “The communication between the both sides has always been going smoothly,” said Bruce Linghu, director-general of MOFA’s Department of North American Affairs, yesterday in a regular briefing.

However, he would not disclose whether Taiwan has made reports to Washington on the latest developments in the espionage case.

Linghu noted that U.S. policies toward Taiwan are based on its commitment to the Taiwan Relations Act. The bilateral exchanges on various aspects will continue and will not be affected by the spy case. The arrested Lo reportedly played a role in the “Po Sheng” project that is jointly run by the U.S. and Taiwan. Part of the project reportedly involved the use of advanced U.S. military technology to build up an encrypted communications system for the island’s armed forces.

The MND said a day earlier that the army general did not have access to confidential information, but declined to say whether he had been involved in the crucial U.S.-Taiwan collaboration project.

The Defense Ministry also dismissed reports that Lo had been stationed in the United States, disclosing that the general used to work in Thailand between 2002 and 2005, during when he was allegedly recruited by China.