Top court sentences mass murderer to death

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff — The notorious murderer Chen Ruei-chin (陳瑞欽), responsible for the death of three adults and three children, was sentenced to death yesterday by the supreme court yesterday.

The killing of five of his victims over a span of thirteen years from 1983 to 1998 were not discovered to be of his doing until he confessed to the police after being comprehended by the investigator for the killing of his girlfriend, his last and sixth victim, in 2003, for which Chen was sentenced to capital punishment yesterday after repeated appeals.

The punishment for the killing of his first five victims, two of whom were his former wives and three were children born to his first wife for the purpose of collecting life insurance worth a total of NT$18 million, was a lesser twenty years in prison after the original sentence of capital punishment was overturned on the grounds that he confessed to the crime on his own will. Nevertheless, Chen will be on death row either way, which will make him the forty-fifth death row inmates, fourth-one of which are still awaiting execution since last April’s execution of four prisons after a four-year suspension of the punishment.