Ma sets up public opinion section on Facebook page


TAIPEI–President Ma Ying-jeou has set up a public opinion section on his official Facebook page as a conduit to listen to the people.

The first topic on which the president wanted to know the public’s opinion was obtaining visa-free treatment from 100 countries in the Republic of China’s 100th year of existence.

The public can choose from four options — “it’s great,” “it’s good but can be better,” “it’s nothing unusual,” or “it sucks,” or they can also leave messages to express their views.

Most expressed support for the government’s efforts, while some suggested getting visa-free treatment from China and others asked that the president pay attention to the issue of Beijing’s suppression of the names of Taiwan’s NGOs.

The public opinion poll will remain open until 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Ma launched his Facebook page in late January, saying that many heads of state have maintained websites or other cyber channels to allow them to be connectable and that he “should not be absent from the world trend.”