Exam classrooms to get air conditioning: MOE

The China Post news staff

The national exams for college and high school entry might just be a little less stressful this year, after the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced yesterday that for the first time, air conditioners will be allowed to run in exam rooms, cooling heated minds at a temperate 26-28 degrees Celsius. The temperature is uniformly regulated across all classrooms, as the MOE is covering the budget for both air conditioning and electricity bills, which totals NT$30 million. Exam registration fees will not be increased as a result, the ministry added.

The topic of allowing air conditioned exam rooms has been hotly debated since April last year. As Taiwan’s weather in July tends to reach temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, students have long suffered from the stress of humidity and pervasive body odors in addition to an already nerve-wracking test experience. Public polls have shown that over 85 percent of parents are in favor of air conditioners running during national exams. MOE Deputy Minister Lin Tsong-ming said parental concerns have been heard and a test of air-conditioned classrooms will be held the week prior to exams to ensure that all coolers run smoothly. The College Entrance Examination Center (CEEC) reminded students to bring light sweaters if they feared 26 degrees Celsius might be too chilly. Students who believe they work better at natural temperatures do have an option, in their exam registration form, to forgo an air conditioned room, the CEEC added.